How does my vendor page get verified?
All sections of your profile must be completed:
  • High quality photos
  • Company Name
  • City
  • State
  • Price Range
  • About
  • Vendor Type
  • business must be black or minority owned (at least 51% of the business must be owned and operated by a minority)
How long does it take for my page to get verified?
3 business days from the day you create your profile
If I signup with the standard profile can I upgrade at anytime?
All vendors are able to upgrade at anytime. We believe in making this process as user friendly as possible
If I start with the premium paid profile can I downgrade at any time?
We understand that everyone is at different stages of their business. All vendor customers are able to upgrade or downgrade their accounts as needed with no penalties.
What's the difference between the standard and premium account ?
Standard Profile
  • 5 photos and 2 videos visible per profile.
  • Limited contact info displayed, Communication done through ourBloc messaging/quote request
  • No vendor website information displayed
  • No social media links displayed
  • No email address/phone # displayed
Premium Paid Profile
  • Unlimited photos and 5 videos per profile
  • Flexible messaging: Communication can be done through ourBloc messaging, direct email, or phone/quote request
  • Vendor website information displayed
  • Social media links displayed
  • Email address/phone # displayed
  • Priority listing in vendor search
When will the site be open to the general public?
Full site launch date open to the general public is scheduled for February 1st, 2022.