Industry Innovators 2022: 12 Event Tech Experts Pushing the Industry Forward

From NFTs and the metaverse to holograms and artificial intelligence, new technology has taken the event industry by storm in recent years. And the forward-thinking innovators on this list have been helping lead the way by building useful—and just plain cool—new tech tools, products, and services that are helping event planners engage attendees in increasingly interesting ways.

Click through the profiles below to learn how they each got their start in the tech industry, their vision for the future, and what the concept of "innovation" means to them.

David Nussbaum
Inventor and CEO, Proto Inc.

Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro
Senior Events Producer, Decentraland Foundation

Jennifer Brisman
Founder & CEO, VOW

Joe Schwinger
Chief Innovation Officer, MeetingPlay + Aventri

Liz King Caruso
CEO, techsytalk

Lola and Richard McClaney 
Co-Founders, ourBLOC

Maria Shelton
CEO, Ardian Group/Ardian Technologies

Nolan Ether
Content Marketing Leader, Webex Events

Saroosh Gull
CEO, Eventcombo

Todd Moritz
Vice President of Technical Solutions, Opus Agency

Wei Li
Head of Zoom Events & Webinar, Zoom